About Us | Aspire

Since 2007, ASPIRE has targeted schools that traditionally have low
numbers of students who pursue higher education. Our aim is to reverse
that trend.

Of course not everyone should go to university, but a large number of
Australian students aren't given the opportunity to make that choice.

Many students:

  • don't know about university
  • think they are not capable of academic success
  • are discouraged by the distance from home to university
  • believe only the rich can go on to higher education
  • don't have access to the information they need to help them get there.

The ASPIRE program is designed to address these barriers. We encourage all students from an
early age to have an aspiration for their future: to dream big, set a goal and work to achieve it.

For those students who discover that they have the desire and the capability to succeed at
university, we work with their school and community to help get them there. ASPIRE is not a
recruitment tool for UNSW. We encourage students to go to any university that is right for them.

Reaching out to schools
Our 54 partner schools are spread across metropolitan Sydney and regional New South Wales.
Their students from Kindergarten to Year 12 have regular contact with the ASPIRE program
throughout their school life.

Our schools have rich and diverse student populations from:

  • regional and remote locations
  • indigenous, refugee and migrant communities
  • families where no one has ever been to university
  • families facing difficult financial and social circumstances.

Bucking the trend

There is ample evidence from here and overseas showing university success is not
determined by where you come from, what school you went to, how much your family earns  or
where you live.

When students are given the confidence and support to break through barriers, not only do
they perform well at university, but they can excel.

ASPIRE provides the opportunity for students to discover the benefits of higher education.
And society benefits from giving them that chance.