Ella Reed | Aspire

Volunteer Coordinator

Dabbling in retail and reception prior to her arrival at the gates of UNSW, Ella Reed found her feet in the ASPIRE Program. However, her work has moved her into various roles across the ASPIRE team, first in Administration and now a supporting role for the ‘Read With Me’ program.

Thinking back to her first day in ASPIRE to now, Ella recalls the phenomenal support, openness and understanding she received that has become the perfect foundation for the building blocks of her career, also contributing substantially to her confidence and personal development. Ella has observed that those qualities of the program have also resonated with the vast range of students that have passed through the campus and been a part of the ASPIRE experience.

Ella’s expansion into the ‘Read With Me’ program has also seen her take on a new challenge and enabled her to share her love of reading and literacy. Having the opportunity to travel out to regional areas has been a great privilege and continues to make a substantial impact on Ella’s understanding of the additional barriers faced by students. Experiencing the undeniable sense of community and support is a constant encouragement to continue the work she does with the rest of the ASPIRE team.