Gavin Greenfield | Aspire

Operations Manager
Master of Education, Wollongong University
Post Grad. Diploma in Education - Massey University, NZ

Gavin has a background  in secondary education as a teacher and principal in New Zealand schools.

Gavin joined ASPIRE in 2015 and is currently a Senior Project Officer for AimHigh, the UNSW outreach unit. Within this his main role is ASPIRE Operations Manager, overseeing the day to day work of the ASPIRE team.  With 54 partner schools and two community hubs, this largely involves planning, coordinating, liaising with schools, and addressing the various dilemmas which may arise.

Gavin enjoys the opportunity to visit ASPIRE partner schools and engaging young people in education. Gavin has noticed the significant differences between the metro schools in Sydney and the ASPIRE partner schools in regional areas – particularly those that are classified as remote.

In NZ, where Gavin was at one stage principal of a small rural secondary school, there was less than an hour’s drive to a main centre. Moving to lead a larger high school in Christchurch (during the time of the earthquakes!!), the nature of the school was essentially the same as in the regions. Australia is a big country!

Gavin considers himself very lucky to be now working at ASPIRE. With a great team he has the opportunity to work with both students and staff from great schools, and also with the various faculties within UNSW.  Life in Sydney is certainly different from provincial New Zealand, and he is enjoying the warmer climate, the chance to attend significant sporting events, visiting iconic sites, and dining at good restaurants. The traffic, however, is not something Sydney should boast about!

When not at work, Gavin enjoys spending time with family and grandkids, as well as reading and sports – largely spectating these days.

At UNSW Gavin has a special affinity with the Fitness & Aquatic Centre. As an ex PE teacher, Gavin enjoys the atmosphere and activity at the Centre, swimming there two to three times a week.