Our Impact | Aspire

We believe that ASPIRE can demonstrate that it meets its aims of raising awareness, enabling aspirations and supporting the academic attainment of students to help them progress to university.

We track our impact in several ways. We use qualitative and quantitative data to track attitudinal shifts and progression to university. We use independent evaluations of our work to track what our schools think of our impact. More information can be found in our annual reports.

Since 2010 we have been tracking the university offers that students from our partner schools have been receiving. This is one important way we use quantitative data. From 2010 to 2018 there has been a 155% increase in the number of offers to university for ASPIRE students. The number of universities making offers has increased from 8 to 15, suggesting that students are setting broader goals for themselves and meeting more university entry standards.


Offers to Uni

2009 516 offers to university 43 offers to UNSW
2010   479 offers to university 52 offers to UNSW
2011   414 offers to university 43 offers to UNSW
2012    719 offers to university 60 offers to UNSW
2013    568 offers to university 57 offers to UNSW
2014    710 offers to university 60 offers to UNSW
2015    926 offers to university 57 offers to UNSW
2016 1,071 offers to university 70 offers to UNSW
2017    951 offers to university 54 offers to UNSW
2018 1,242 offers to university 65 offers to UNSW