ASPIRE Learning Framework | Aspire

The learning framework is the blueprint of the ASPIRE program. It sets out the structure and how the activities are rolled out across the student year groups from Kindergarten to Year 12.

The foundations of the program are:

  • Raising awareness
  • Raising and supporting aspirations
  • Assisting attainment

To maintain coherency, every stage of the program has a planned sequence of age appropriate activities and experiences with student focused outcomes.

As students progress through each sequence, the program builds on previous ASPIRE interactions. The activities encourage more lateral thinking about what their futures may hold and how they can achieve it.

Even students who may not have their sights set on higher education benefit from the ASPIRE program.

All students become more confident in themselves and motivated about setting goals for the future they want to have.

Towards the final years of school, the program becomes more focused on those students who are keen to enter university and assisting them to get there.