Subject-specific activities | Aspire

ASPIRE enables schools to tap into UNSW’s vast resources, facilities and expertise to provide students with additional academic enrichment. 

We hold activities that connect school subjects to university courses or careers. Students studying art, or who are interested in medicine, research, architecture or engineering
for example, can come on campus for a tailor-made visit that incorporates a specific subject area. 

In addition to UNSW, our new program Subject Matters involves linking subject-specific classes with a visit to organisations that match a subject students have chosen for their HSC.
Subject Matters helps students gain a better understanding of how the content of their school subjects relates to degrees and real jobs. Employees are on hand to talk about the type of work they do and the different roles that exist across their organisation in those subject areas.

The aim of the experience is to put students in a better position to make an informed choice about their study and career pathways in the future by seeing for themselves where their particular interests could take them.