Ayesha Nazir | Aspire

Project Officer Community
Bachelor of Psychological Science, University of New South Wales

Ayesha started her ASPIRE journey in 2011 as an ASPIRE Ambassador, and then becoming a graduate intern in 2015. Ayesha took a year off to go work in Pakistan for an NGO in the education sector. She then returned to ASPIRE to work on a project aiming to develop a mentoring program for Muslim girls. 

Currently, Ayesha is working as a Community Project Officer, running a diverse range of activities for students, parents and community members.

Whilst working for ASPIRE, Ayesha also has resumed her Masters in International Development with a focus on refugees and forced displacement.

As the first person in her family to go to university and also coming from an ASPIRE partner school, Ayesha has a shared understanding and experience with many of the students that ASPIRE works with. She is passionate about everyone having access to education and reaching their goals despite their background. The best parts of working for ASPIRE for Ayesha are the people she meets, the stories she hears and seeing students reach their potential.

Any time Ayesha finds between work and study she is dancing, watching movies or spending time with her younger sisters. She is a planner who loves to travel and learn about different cultures. Ayesha likes to keep herself busy to ensure she is always learning something new and is surrounded by positivity.