Josh Tang | Aspire

Graduate Intern STEM
PhD Mechanical Engineering (UNSW)
Bachelor Engineering Honours (UNSW)


Josh started his time with ASPIRE in 2010 as an Ambassador and was active throughout his undergraduate and post-graduate engineering degrees. After completing his PhD, he joined the ASPIRE staff as the graduate intern.


Josh is a member of the STEM team where he develops and presents workshops to help students better understand STEM fields and why they are important. His central focus is developing resources to improve computer literacy and programming skills in primary and high school students.


Josh believes that the problem-solving skills taught in STEM fields are crucial to tackling the myriad issues that humanity faces now and in the future, which is why he works to show students the exciting challenges and opportunities that exist within STEM fields.


Now that he has an abundance of free time as his PhD is finished, Josh pursues many hobbies. You can usually find him tinkering with his road bike, kicking a football (soccer ball) around the park or breaking boards in a karate class.