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Nominate your students today!

We are offering each of our partner schools 30 ASPIRE Advantage places. You are invited to nominate up to 15 ‘ATAR likely’ Year 10 students, and 15 of 'ATAR eligible' Year 11 students who, in your view, would benefit from participating in ASPIRE Advantage.

Successful nominees will remain in the program for up to three years, until the completion of Year 12 study.

Students who are offered and accept places at UNSW will receive further personalised assistance to transition successfully into first year university life.

Nomination guidelines

ASPIRE is committed to addressing the underrepresentation of students from key groups at university. In making your nominations, please give particular consideration to students who may:

  • come from a low-income family
  • have parent(s)/carer(s) that did not attend university
  • live in out of home care, or have lived in care
  • have caring responsibilities
  • have a disability
  • are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent
  • are registered with Red Cross or United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
  • are part of an under-represented cultural group (eg. Pasifika)

Additional consideration

We would also encourage consideration of students particularly in Year 10 who are academically “sitting on the fence”. These students are probably capable of being stretched but may not realise their own talent, or who are influenced by peers to keep a low profile. ASPIRE Advantage would be ideal for students who need a little ‘push’ of encouragement so they can blossom within a supportive environment.

Need more places?

If you believe you have more than 30 students eligible for ASPIRE Advantage, don’t panic. We anticipate that some schools will not fill all of their places and we may be able to redistribute places to other schools. When nominating your 30 students on the form, list additional student names in order of preference and we will advise you of any vacancies in the second round of nominations.

ASPIRE Advantage nomination form

To nominate your ASPIRE Advantage students:

  • Read the nomination guidelines above
  • Click on the ASPIRE Advantage nomination link
  • Complete the contact details
  • Nominate up to 15 ‘ATAR Likely’ students from Year 10 and submit form
  • Nominate up to 15 ‘ATAR Eligible’ students from Year 11 and submit form
  • Please ensure you submit a separate form for your Year 10 students and a separate form for your Year 11 students.

Note: There is no need to nominate students in Year 12, 2018.

If you have more than 15 students you would like to participate in ASPIRE Advantage, list their names in order of preference in the space provided.

Contact us

If you need anymore information about ASPIRE Advantage, please email Thank you for joining ASPIRE Advantage. We look forward to working with your students and maximising their success into university.