Welcome to the Focus on Success Toolkit! | Aspire

Welcome to the Focus on Success Toolkit!

In 2017 ASPIRE designed and delivered a 3-day residential program for Year 11 Regional partner school students called Focus on Success. The program intended to explore the effectiveness of providing Year 11 students from low socio-economic status (SES) regional and remote schoolswho have an interest in going to university, with targeted face to face support aimed at assisting them both in their academic endeavours, and in the complex transition to higher education. The program also aimed to address some of the existing and emerging barriers to higher education that can limit a student’s belief that they are able to access university or undertake a degree.

This Toolkit intends to share with other practitioners working in this space some of the key findings in relation to effective targeted support for more disadvantaged high school students, as well as make available the actual resources developed for the Focus on Success program.