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What kind of support do our students need?

Targeted support for more disadvantaged or remotely based high school students would ideally excite them about the potential for their future and educate them in some of the options available after school and how to access them. It would build students’ confidence in the idea of going to university, help them make an informed decision about whether Higher Education was right for them, and give them an understanding of where a degree might take them into the wider world. It would also demystify and explain the complex application process and teach the students the skills needed to manage the transition to independence and a new culture potentially removed from what they know. 

Key topics could include:

  • Building the academic and study skills to reach potential in the HSC
  • Navigating the Higher Education application and admission process, and understanding the timeframes and terminology
  • The Educational Access Scheme (EAS) and how bonus points work
  • Alternative pathways into university via TAFE, bridging courses etc
  • How HECS works and the importance of accessing scholarships and other benefits available
  • Learning about the different faculties and degree programs and the range of jobs they can lead to
  • Linking personal interests, values and skills to relevant jobs and careers
  • Understanding the different accommodation options available whilst studying
  • Learning how to be financially independent through budgeting and finding work whilst studying
  • Understanding university life and culture, and the value of having a university experience