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About Click-on Mentoring

Click-on Mentoring is a unique program to help regional high school students be more proactive about planning their future before they leave school. Students (mentees) join in a series of online discussions with university students (mentors) to gain a greater understanding of university education and the benefits it can bring.

Benefits of Click-on Mentoring include:

  • Opportunities to discuss aspirations and how to achieve them
  • A glimpse of university life through their mentor
  • Empowerment to make informed choices about post school options
  • Widening their sphere of influence by providing students with a young adult role model

Who are the mentors?

In our pilot Click-on Mentoring program at UNSW in 2017, our mentors ranged from first year to fifth year post graduate and PHD students. The students volunteered to be part of the program because they were committed and interested in making a difference in a young person’s life.

Who are the mentees?

Year 9 students from two regional high schools, over 500kms from Sydney!