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ASPIRE Aerospace - an out-of-this-world workshop

ASPIRE, together with Cuberider, launched a new workshop for Year 9 students with a real passion for science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).
Cuberider is an innovative company that gives school students real world experience in developing skills they’ll need for the careers of the future, such as data analysis and critical thinking. In 2016, Cuberider sent Australia’s first payload (scientific instruments) to the International Space Station. A rocket blasted off from Japan carrying experiments designed and coded by 1000 Australian school students to be tested in space.
Over three days, ASPIRE Aerospace gave students a fun, hands-on exploration of the earth’s gravitational pull. Students designed and constructed an experiment, collected data and presented their findings.
Students were able to see the connections between studying STEM subjects in school and then university.  ASPIRE Aerospace aimed to help ignite in students an interest in pursuing a career in the STEM fields by seeing for themselves the vast array of career options available.