ASPIRE Ambassadors | Aspire

We are very fortunate to have such a great team of current UNSW student volunteers who give wholeheartedly to the ASPIRE program. Known as ASPIRE Ambassadors, they are integral to our success in raising the aspirations of our students. 

The ASPIRE Ambassadors are involved in all aspects of the program. They are trained to take part and lead workshops in ASPIRE schools and at on-campus events. They also assist with the organisation and logistics of the activities.

They often go above and beyond what they are asked to do. Many volunteer year after year throughout their studies. Some Ambassadors volunteer because their old high school is an ASPIRE partner school. They are keen to work with ASPIRE when they get to uni because of the benefits the program gave them. They want to give back and inspire the school students coming through.

Our Ambassadors provide students with an enthusiastic and genuine insight into life as a university student. No question is off limits. From advice about what courses to take, what social clubs to join, to what’s the best food outlet on campus, ASPIRE Ambassadors are an invaluable asset.

But the real value of our Ambassadors lies in the strong bonds they form with ASPIRE students as role models, mentors and friends. Our Ambassadors come from all degree programs and from all walks of life. They have their own personal stories of their journey to higher education and relate to the students at their own level. School students need to see ‘people just like me’ go to university. It reassures them about their own future when they can identify with university students from familiar backgrounds and similar life experiences. Through the Ambassadors, the school students see that university isn’t so scary after all.

You can meet some of our Ambassadors and learn about their stories here.