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Building strong relationships and partnerships across the community is vital to enhancing and supporting student attainment and aspiration.

ASPIRE works closely with schools to identify areas where increased engagement with the community can help strengthen the support students need to pursue a university education.

Forming alliances and working with community organisations enriches the program. We are able to offer students and their carers wide-ranging experiences so they can see the benefits of gaining a degree. Creating informal networks, sharing ideas and resources is critical in areas where there is little or no contact with the university environment.

The overall strategy has been to build on existing partnerships with schools through the ASPIRE program, develop further partnerships within a community and to utilise the expertise across UNSW.

ASPIRE has launched initiatives specific to the communities in which we work.

The ASPIRE Homework Centre in Condobolin began as a joint initiative of ASPIRE and Western Plains Regional Development (WPRD). It provides local students with resources and space so they can complete their homework in a supportive environment and improve their study skills. The Homework Centre Coordinator is a teacher from Condobolin High School appointed to assist with homework assignments and exam preparation. 

ASPIRE has launched two Community Hubs in the Sydney suburbs of Chester Hill and Macquarie Fields. The ASPIRE Community Hubs build on the existing strong collaboration between ASPIRE and our current partner primary and high schools. The initiative will also enable us to collaborate with new schools. 

ASPIRE staff are currently based in Chester Hill and James Meehan High Schools. They work across the community strengthening links between schools, students, parents, carers and community organisations. The aim is to build more awareness about university and foster a common goal of encouraging and supporting student aspirations to pursue higher education.

The ASPIRE Community Hubs aren't physical spaces. They are hubs of activity creating networks of people exchanging information and ideas, collaborating and participating in a range of events and activities to connect the community with the university environment. Our staff coordinate workshops in schools and community centres, and provide resources, information and academic support for people of all ages. We arrange visits to UNSW and interactions with university faculties and staff both on campus and in neighbourhoods.

By being actively involved in communities, ASPIRE is helping more people discover the future possibilities a university education can bring for themselves and the children in their care.