Metro ASPIRE | Aspire

ASPIRE currently works with 27 partner schools across metropolitan Sydney.

  • 18 high schools
  • 8 primary schools
  • 1 combined school (K-12)

Snapshot of ASPIRE metro partner schools

The range of educational and social disadvantages ASPIRE students face are wide ranging:

  • Limited or non-existent interaction with universities
  • Lack of contact with role models who have degrees
  • Low self-esteem and lack of confidence in own academic potential
  • Lack of knowledge on the range of courses and universities available
  • Cultural pressures to leave school and be employed as soon as possible to contribute to family finances and well-being
  • Interrupted schooling and difficult home environment that makes study hard
  • Lack of information about financial support available to assist with university costs
  • A misguided belief that ‘people like us’ don’t go to university

The key features of Metro ASPIRE program are: