Regional ASPIRE | Aspire

ASPIRE currently works with 27 partner schools across regional NSW.

These include:

  • 11 central schools
  •  5 high schools
  • 11 primary schools

Snapshot of ASPIRE regional partner schools

Regional and remote students face unique issues with regard to pursuing higher education. They can miss out on vital resources and information about university because of where they live.  At 17, it’s hard to think about going to uni when you are over 500 kilometres from the nearest one.

Some of the educational disadvantages regional ASPIRE students face are:

  • Limited or non-existent interaction with universities
  • Lack of contact with role models who have degrees
  • Low self-esteem and confidence in own academic potential
  • Lack of knowledge about the range of courses and universities available
  • Distance from university means considerable upheaval to relocate
  • Psychological barrier of travelling outside geographic area
  • Lack of information about financial support available to assist with university costs
  • A misguided belief that ‘people like us’ don’t go to university
  • Long term unemployment and transient population
  • Poor internet connections restricting access to information
  • Hardship and stress caused by extreme conditions, such as long term drought, that have a significant impact on the quality of life within the community, at home and on the family’s livelihood.

The regional ASPIRE program targets schools which may be overlooked by other initiatives.  The key features of the program are: