How do I use the Toolkit? | Aspire

The toolkit can be used by primary school teachers, careers teachers and secondary school teachers across a range of subject areas. The ASPIRE Learning Framework underpins the toolkit. Activities have been organised by year group and the aims for each session are explicitly stated. To see an overview of these aims, click here.

Q: I’m pretty busy…do I need to teach these activities in addition to the regular curriculum?
A: No! The toolkit is intended to be used by teachers within the scope of their regular curriculum rather than as an add-on activity.

Q: So are the activities linked to the curriculum?
A: Yes. Activities have been mapped to both the Australian Curriculum and NSW Syllabus documents. They have also been mapped to the Australian Blueprint for Career Development.

Q: Great! But how do I ensure activities reflect quality teaching and learning?
A: Focus elements of the NSW Quality Teaching Model have been highlighted for each session.