Kindergarten - Year 6 | Aspire

The Teachers' Toolkit has been produced in line with the ASPIRE mission to empower young people to access the education they deserve, regardless of their circumstances or background. In particular, the Year K-6 program aims to raise students’ awareness of Higher Education (HE) by:

  • Increasing students’ understanding of HE
  • Building their self-esteem
  • Helping them to discover possibilities outside their environment
  • Increasing their awareness of their own skills and interests
  • Developing their awareness of pathways to jobs.

The Year K-6 sessions introduce students to the concept of a university, encourage them to articulate their aspirations and goals for the future and raise awareness about the wide range of careers and study options available to them. Throughout the program, students engage with quality literature, participate in drama activities and science experiments, create artworks and learn about university traditions and the metalanguage of HE.

ASPIRE has developed an evaluation rubric for teachers to assess the impact of the Teachers' Toolkit on their students. ASPIRE recognises that many benefits of the program are long-term rather than short-term. If the program is implemented every year throughout primary school, teachers may wish to compare student responses over a period of several years to get a more accurate idea of the program’s impact.

K-6 Evaluation Framework

ASPIRE welcomes feedback from teachers. Teachers with specific comments may email us at