Why Should I Use The Toolkit? | Aspire

Although the ASPIRE program is beneficial to all students, it is particularly relevant for students from disadvantaged backgrounds such as students from low SES areas as these students are under-represented at university. For example, in 2015 only 16.2% of school leavers who started university came from low SES backgrounds (Department of Education, 2015).

The ASPIRE program aims to make a difference in the lives of students by raising student awareness about Higher Education, enabling student aspirations and raising student attainment. The ASPIRE program has been a success; we have seen a 120% increase in the number of offers to university students from all ASPIRE partner schools between 2010 and 2016! We can’t travel to every school, but we aim to broaden our outreach by providing all schools with access to our activities through the ASPIRE Teachers’ Toolkit.

Watch the video below to listen to ASPIRE student Ambassadors speaking about how the program might benefit your students.