Years 11-12 | Aspire

The Teachers' Toolkit has been produced in line with the ASPIRE mission to empower young people to access the education they deserve, regardless of their circumstances or background. In particular, the Year 11-12 program aims to raise students’ attainment by:

  • Enhancing their ability and knowledge to make informed choices relating to Higher Education (HE) and career aspirations
  • Improving student’s awareness and ability to apply skills required to operate successfully in an HE environment.

The Year 11-12 session further enhances students’ knowledge of HE. Students learn about the HECS-HELP scheme and some of the costs and lifestyle decisions they may face when considering university study. There is a large focus on financial literacy and budget creation. Students participate in drama activities, work cooperatively with others and practise their decision making and presentation skills.

Year 11-12 Evaluation Framework

Lesson Plan