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The Click-on program structure was discussed with the schools involved to ensure they could manage the logistics of implementing the program and to allow maximum effectiveness of the mentoring and commitment from students and their mentors.

The program involved:

  • Program Launch Day to create a sense of excitement for all participants and was held on campus in Sydney so the students and mentors could meet face to face
  • Six online mentoring sessions in school hours
  • Program Close Day held in a regional school so that mentors could gain a better understanding of the geographic isolation of the students. The event also gave all participants a more personal sense of closure to the program.

How Click-on Mentoring works

Mentors and mentees chat online for one hour a week. Depending on the online platform, mentoring pairs can either have a live chat by typing to each other or use a webcam and microphone to talk to one another.  The school set the day and time of the sessions.

In 2017, Adobe Connect was the chosen online platform to conduct the online sessions.

Program Structure Table

Here’s an example of a Click-on Mentoring Program:

Activities Dates Venue
Program Launch Days Two days University campus
Session 1 Date, 10-11am Online
Session 2 Date, 10-11am Online
Session 2 Date, 10-11am Online
Session 4 Date, 10-11am Online
School holidays
No online sessions
Session 5 Date, 10-11am Online
Session 6 Date, 10-11am Online
Program Close Day Date, 10-11am Regional High School

The face to face events at the beginning and end of the program were a requirement to fulfil under Government funding. Although these events were extremely well received, they are not necessary for an online mentoring program.

Activities for Program Launch

In 2017, ASPIRE held a Program Launch Day on UNSW campus where mentors and mentees met face to face. This gave mentors and mentees a chance to develop a rapport through a variety of activities as well as explore the campus together.

Activities Purpose/Outcomes
Day 1
Ice Breaker Activities  Allows mentees to relax in a new environment as well as provide an opportunity for everyone to be comfortable to spend the next two days together.
Mentoring 1-1 Conversations  Mentoring pairs were provided a worksheet to guide them to get to know each other. Conversations then flowed naturally to kick start the mentoring relationship.

Personal Branding

An activity about self-awareness and coming up with an introductory statement about themselves.
Speed Mentoring  Opportunity for mentees to talk to other mentors to learn about their experience.
Day 2
Technology Training 

Mentors and mentees practise using the online mentoring platform (Adobe Connect). This allows participants to familiarise themselves with the platform before the online sessions. Teachers are present during the session so they can familiarise themselves with the platform and be able to support mentees during the online sessions. 


The PowerPoint presentation is an example of information to go through at the training session.

Communication using Board Games Aims to enhance communication skills while having fun. Mentors and mentees learn about how each other communicate to form the foundation of their relationship by playing a board game such as Taboo™.
Mentoring Partnership Agreement  A mentoring partnership agreement is completed between the pairs. Mentors and mentees agree on the boundaries and goals of the relationship.

Activities for Program Close

The Program Close day was held at the regional school. Mentors travelled more than seven hours on the bus to see their mentees one last time! The event allowed the mentors and mentees to celebrate their achievements as well as to have a successful closure.

Activities Purpose/Outcomes
Official Welcome Official welcome and acknowledgement of country. Special speakers talked about importance of mentoring.
Mentor and Mentee speakers A pair of mentor and mentee shared their experience of Click-on Mentoring with the wider group.

Newspaper dress up 

This activity enhances problem solving skills with limited resources. It shows a situation in real life where you are faced with a challenging situation.

Survival Scenario

This activity looks at communication, problem solving and decision making.
Journey of Click-on 

 This activity allows mentors and mentees to reflect on the mentoring journey, to reminisce about what they have talked about and to celebrate what they have achieved. It is a great closure activity and sets a path for the future.

Certificate presentation Mentors and Mentees are presented with certificates to celebrate their achievements