Testimonials | Aspire

"I have meant to email earlier just to say how fantastic this program is. The kids have come back raving about their mentors and are extremely excited to meet up with them again online." Teacher

"I like talking to someone other than my family." Mentee

“I found out about different career paths.” Mentee

“My mentor went on to do different things and I learnt that it’s ok not succeeding the first time.” Mentee

“Before I just wanted to do something (carpentry), but now I still sort of want to do it, but there’s a lot of other different opportunities which I might think about later on.” Mentee

“I thought I didn’t want to go to uni before this (mentoring) but now I’m thinking that I might go to uni.” Mentee

“It's a rewarding experience to know you are helping a young person.” Mentor

“It was a unique experience that you cannot get elsewhere.” Mentor