Why was this project undertaken? | Aspire

Why was the project undertaken?

In 2017, ASPIRE introduced Click-on Mentoring, a pilot online mentoring program funded under the Australian Government’s Higher Education Participation Program (HEPP).  This pilot examined online mentoring as one method to address both the lack of social capital in low socio-economic communities and the difficulties of implementing sustainable widening participation strategies over vast distances.

Connecting university students (mentors) online with geographically isolated high school students (mentees) overcomes the challenges of time, distance and costs associated with face to face mentoring.

This toolkit sets out to provide practitioners with an additional strategy for engaging with regional and remote communities. It provides a model where regional and remote students can be engaged on an individual level or in very small groups. This enables a more tailored approach to widening participation.  For under-resourced schools, the mentoring program is an additional resource that provides school students with access to information, advice and guidance for post school education and career choice.

Click-on Mentoring can be applied universally as it is not dependent on geographical location. Other universities could adopt the learnings of the project and apply them throughout their widening participation strategy.