Our Work | Aspire

The ASPIRE program has three main streams:

  • Metro ASPIRE
  • Regional ASPIRE
  • Community ASPIRE

ASPIRE aims to give students from disadvantaged backgrounds a better chance of going to university by:

  • creating more awareness about university
  • raising student aspirations about their future
  • giving students a purpose to stay motivated at school and want to achieve.

The program is a long-term commitment with our partner schools. We work together using a mix of strategies to shift entrenched attitudes and misconceptions about who goes to university. Everything we do focuses on giving our students the information and opportunities they need to change that perception and take action.

There are no costs to the schools, families or the students to participate in any aspect of the program. ASPIRE funds the whole experience so that the maximum number of students are able to participate and gain the benefits.

We visit every partner school multiple times each year and interact with the same students throughout their school life. We bring them on campus and immerse them in the university environment as much as possible. In consultation with individual schools, we adapt the program to address specific issues to help students build confidence and recognise their talents and take control of their own future.

An important part of the program’s success is the work we do to engage with the community, particularly parents and carers, so they are equipped to support student aspiration.

The key features of the program are: